Risk Racing Seal Doctor (35 – 45mm)

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Prevents and repairs leaking front forks in seconds! Simply click the Seal Docotor around the front fork and turn. Most motocrossers suffer from a flat fork seal once or twice a year and are then forced to take the front fork to a specialist or to put a lot of time and energy into the repair themselves, using expensive special tools. The Seal Doctor solves this problem simply by removing the dirt that causes the leak …. And you can do this on the spot during the competition or training!

* Saves money, saves time and fixes the leak.
* Take the dust cover of the front fork down, click the Seal Doctor around the front fork, turn it 360 degrees and then take the Seal Doctor down to remove the dirt.
* Comes with a separate holder for easy and safe storage in the toolbox.

Prevents and cures leaky fork seals in seconds! Just snap them on your fork tubes and twist. Most dirt bike riders are faced with one or two leaky fork seals a season, forcing them to send their bike or suspension in for costly repairs or take time and energy fixing a fork seal on their own using expensive specialty tools and complicated suspension parts. The Seal Doctor simplifies the process by removing the dirt that typically causes a leaky fork seal … And you can do it right at the track or on the trail!

* Saves money, saves time, and fixes leaks
* Lower the dust seal, snap on the Seal Doctor, insert Seal Doctor into leady seal, twist 360 degrees, and pull down the Seal Doctor to remove dirt and grime
* Comes with protective holder, so it can be stored safely in your toolbox or trail pack




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