Pro Green MX Snow Foam 5ltr

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Pro-Green MX Snow Foam
HIGH PERFORMANCE SNOW FOAM // Provides you with a thick snow foam for a quick and effective deep clean, while remaining safe for your paintwork and parts. Our specially chosen blend of fully biodegradable surfactants provides a powerful, penetrating action that delivers the right amount of cleaning power to ensure perfect results every time, removing ingrained dirt, mud, grime, road film, sand and clay stains with minimal effort. streak-free finish. Will not oxidize on contact with aluminum or other sensitive metals, including carbon fiber, and will not attack plastics or painted surfaces.

Why should you use it ?
• Our Snow Foam formula provides you with a thick snow foam that gives you maximum coverage when cleaning your off-road or on-road vehicle.
• No need to use it as a ‘pre-wash’! Snow Foam contains powerful cleaning agents, which remain safe for your paintwork and sensitive metals, which quickly remove all forms of dirt and grime, giving you a fast, effective and thorough deep clean.
• Makes cleaning faster and easier!
• Suitable for use with all pressure washer foam lances, or our bottle can be connected directly to your lance!
• Pro-GreenMX Snow Foam is 100% salt free, with no corrosive components in the product, making it the safest cleaner on the market!
• Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging.
• Completely safe to use on all surfaces including paint, plastics, anodized parts, sensitive metals (including aluminum) and carbon fiber.
• Strong foaming product that sticks to your ride and does the work for you!
• Contains UV protection to protect your paint colors from fading in sunlight.
• Safe for use on all e-bikes.

Directions for use:
• Rinse excess dirt from the bicycle/vehicle or watercraft.
• Option 1 = fill your pressure washer container with Pro-GreenMX Snow Foam. Do not pour water into the container (the pressure washer will automatically mix the formula with water).
• Option 2 = refill your previously purchased 1L Snow Foam bottle and connect the bottle directly to your Snow Foam attachment.
• Cover your off-road or road vehicle with Snow Foam.
• Leave to act for 5 minutes.
• Wash down.
• For best results, use Pro-GreenMX follow-up products.